Indianapolis Truck Accident Attorney

About Truck Accidents

If a large truck or semi-trailer is involved in an accident, it frequently occurs on roadways used for business, such as interstate highways. These accidents usually occur at high speeds, and smaller vehicles don't have much of a chance against the weight of the truck. Serious injuries and fatalities are the tragic , but common results. If you have been injured in a truck accident, take the proper measures to obtain financial recovery for the damages associated with your accident. At your earliest opportunity, please contact me, an experienced Indianapolis personal injury lawyer at SedwickLaw, PC

I am prepared to assist you, to answer your questions, discuss your options and vigorously protect your rights. With my experience as a former insurance claims adjuster and a defense attorney, I have inside knowledge about the strategies the other side uses to win cases and am frequently able to find their flaws and turn them to my clients' advantage. Over the years I have represented numerous clients in jury trials with great results and if I am not able to negotiate and get you the best possible settlement in your case, you can rest assured that I will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

A huge factor that sets my law firm apart from my competitors is that I make my clients my number one priority. If you retain my firm, you will receive my personal attention and will be advised of all developments in your case. Let my firm fight for you!

Seriously injured in a truck accident?

My firm represents clients with their personal injury claims who have sustained serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, fractured bones and head and brain injuries in truck crashes. From experience, I know that in a commercial trucking accident, the truck company will often send a representative to the accident scene to evaluate the situation. They try to pressure victims into making statements and take advantage of their emotional vulnerability in order to limit the company's liability. It is extremely important that you don't sign anything or say anything if you are in this situation. Remember, the trucking company and their insurance agents and attorneys are not looking out for you!

If you desire the services of an aggressive and experienced personal injury law firm in your case, please contact an Indianapolis truck accident attorney as soon as possible.