Forced Drugging

The notion of "forced drugging" is nothing short of horrific. Innocent patients -- elderly and defenseless -- are forced to take medication they should not be taking. If you or a loved one has been the victim of such a crime, you should not hesitate to contact me. I am Marc Sedwick, and I am a dedicated personal injury lawyer serving the residents of Indianapolis. For the past two years, my firm, SedwickLaw, PC, has been named a listed in Rising Stars℠ by Super Lawyers®. I am ready to help you to pursue justice for the forced drugging that was inflicted upon your family member.

Is your loved one a victim of forced drugging?

Forced drugging is, sadly, a common practice in some nursing homes. Many nursing homes sedate their patients unnecessarily to make them docile and easier to manage. Instead of giving their residents the loving care and attention they need, these facilities resort to simply drugging their patients to avoid work and keep patients quiet. This type of nursing home abuse is extremely unhealthy and could easily lead to the death of an elderly resident in frail health. When nursing homes force drugs upon their patients, they are pumping an innocent person full of unnecessary drugs that could cause serious complications with medically necessary drugs. What's even worse is that many times, the patients who are victims of forced drugging have dementia, a condition that can cause memory loss and confusion. The people who forcibly drug these elderly patients are taking advantage of helpless people that cannot speak for themselves. If you see that your loved one is always groggy, sleeping, or appears to be heavily sedated, it is time to look into the situation before it is too late.

Hire a Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis

If you believe that your loved one is the victim of over-medication, it is imperative that legal action is taken before serious harm is done. Many elderly patients do not have the ability to help themselves, and you believed you were providing a safe environment with the care and treatment that is needed. When a nursing home is engaged in keeping residents and patients drugged beyond what is reasonable for their condition, or beyond doctor's orders for medication, it is time to take action. As an experienced personal injury lawyer, I am a zealous advocate for elder's rights. If you believe one of your loved ones is suffering from forced drugging, contact me today.