What is Punitive Damages According to Indiana Personal Injury Law?

One of the common questions our potential clients ask us is, “What does the term punitive damages mean?”

According to Indiana tort law, the term “Punitive Damages” means an award of monies or other forms of compensation to be granted to the plaintiff in addition to actual damages. This additional award is meant to punish the defendant for any wrongful and willful act. Punitive Damages are also used to discourage the defendant from engaging in a similar willful, malicious or intentional conduct in the future.

The dollar amount awarded in cases, where punitive damages may be awarded, will vary dramatically from case to case. Any punitive damages award that is granted by a jury will be unpredictable. In most personal injury cases there are no maximum or minimum amounts of monies that may be awarded. The jury has the freedom to determine amount dollar amount to award in a jury trial.

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