Indiana Burn Injury Case Involving Firepits

I recently settled a case for a family where a little boy fell into a firepit at a Central Indiana orchard. The boy, my client, was on a school field trip and the orchard designated where the children were to sit by arranging picnic tables in a circular pattern around a fire pit. As my young client was playing, he tripped and caught his fall with his left hand in a fire pit which, unbeknownst to him, still contained hot embers. My client sustained second degree burns and went through a painful recovery process.

Since that time, this past Friday, I attended a kids carnival event at Riley Children’s Hospital and met a family there where their young child fell into a fire pit due to being knocked over by a dog. I also learned today about another child falling into a fire while on a camping trip.

Moral of the story . . . . be extremely careful with your children around fires. Even if you think a fire is out, check it to be sure. Closely watch children around fires; they loose their balance easier than adults. Burns are terrible - especially to children.

Marc Sedwick