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Medical Malpractice Claims

Proving medical malpractice claims can be difficult, but an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer can help you get the just compensation you deserve. If you have suffered a personal injury because a medical facility failed to provide you with the appropriate standard of care, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Medical malpractice can be defined as proven negligence on the part of a doctor, physician, nurse or any other health care provider. For example, a doctor may misdiagnose your condition, leading you to take the wrong medication, having negative effects and even exacerbate your problem. Your attorney will have to convincingly demonstrate that your misdiagnosis is something a reasonable physician would not have done in order for the doctor to be held responsible. A skilled lawyer will establish a common standard of care and then show that your doctor failed to meet that standard.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Indianapolis

Medical malpractice can have serious health consequences for the victims of that negligence, including brain injuries and wrongful death. When medical staff is overwhelmed with cases, they can skip steps or forget to follow procedures when dealing with patients. If you have suffered because of medication errors, surgical errors, diagnosis delay, failure to properly treat a fracture or prenatal treatment errors, you should not bear the financial burdens those mistakes have imposed. You may have also become the victim of delivery errors, failure to properly treat an infection, or failure to refer you to a specialist, and my firm may be able to help. Let me get started on your case today by contacting my office and going over the details of your case.

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