Why Hire an Indiana Injury Lawyer After You or A Loved One Has Been Injured?

After an accident or an injury has occurred, you and/or your loved one should focus on seeking medical attention and getting well. The individual or company that is responsible for the injuries you or your loved one has sustained has different focus or concern. The negligent or “at fault” individual or company will be concerned about limiting their own liability and financial exposure caused by the negligent act.

In most cases, soon after an accident has occured, an insurance claims investgator, adjuster, or other insurance representative may want to record your statement. They may also want you or your loved one to sign legal documents or make an “one the spot” settlement offer without considering the full extent of your injuries. These types of tactics only benefit the insurance company and not you or your loved one. In fact, these tactics are likely to put you and your family at risk for financial hardship or the inability to receive proper treatment, therapy and/or surgical operations.

You should consult an Indianapolis injury lawyer to protect your ALL of your legal rights. Attorney Marc Sedwick can provide guidance through this difficult and challenging process. Mr. Sedwick will ensure that you or your loved one is treated fairly by the “at fault” party’s insurance company. Call attorney Marc Sedwick today for a free initial consultation concerning your injury or accident case.

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