What is the Process of Filing A Personal Injury Claim In Indiana

Most people would prefer not to file a lawsuit shortly after they have been injured. Most people in Indiana have never experienced the process of filing a lawsuit or are worried about having to appear in court. The truth of the matter is - most personal injury claims are settled out of court when an experience Indiana personal injury lawyer is working the claim. Experienced personal injury lawyers always prepare to take your case to court in order to get full value for your claim. Lawsuits are only necessary when both side disagree to the value of your claim.

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is signing any documents without having the papers first reviewed by an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation. Always be sure to attend all scheduled doctor appointments and medical treatments. This will ensure that you will be able to get healthy sooner, prevent further injury and document your injuries. Another important step in the process to a full recovery is to maintain records of time missed from work, auto repairs, and medical bills. It is a good idea to document your injuries and property damage with photographs.

If you and your attorney agree to file a lawsuit, both parties will go through the discovery process. Pretrial discovery enables each party to fully investigate all aspects of the case. This may include obtaining pertinent medical records, hiring expert witnesses, and taking depositions in order to obtain more evidence. As the trial date approaches, it is common that each party will exchange settlement offers or demands. Again, statistics show that most personal injury claims settle before even going to trial. Should you accept a pre-trial settlement offer, you will be required to sign a document absolving the other party from further liability in this case.

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