What Kind of Expectations Should I Have of My Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer?

An Indiana personal injury lawyer has responsibility ethically and legally to represent you in a manor that is considered a “standard of practice.” Many people have never had a legal problem or needed to hire an attorney before and this makes people uncertain about what to expect from their lawyer.

Although there are some things your attorney should do, many important tasks or considerations are not spelled out or are required by law. The rules of professional conduct that govern attorney responsibilities to their clients cover a lot of very important legal consumer protections. However, an experienced and trustworthy Indiana personal injury lawyer will also do the following:

  • Your lawyer should update you on new developments related to your case.
  • Your lawyer should disclose how those developments should be handled.
  • Your lawyer should promptly return all of your phone calls or have a staff members update you.
  • Your lawyer should inform you of the impact any particular action could have to your case.
  • Your lawyer should have given you a signed fee schedule or agreement.
  • Your lawyer should understand all of your concerns, goals and expectations.
  • Your lawyer should be attentive to your needs.

If you have not hired an attorney and would like to learn more about how an experienced Indiana personal injury lawyer can benefit you, call attorney Marc Sedwick today to for a free initial consultation.

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