The At Fault Driver's Insurance Company Offered to Settle. Should I Accept?

The easy answer is: If you are happy with the settlement offer, than accept it. Keep in mind, by accepting or cashing that settlement check, you are not longer able to get any further payment for lost wages, future medical treatment, pain and suffering. You have settled your claim and your right for further compensation. In other words, by accepting a settlement check from the insurance company, you may have released the at fault driver further liability for your injuries. It is also very likely that you signed a release form or document in order to receive the check. Sometimes the back of the check given to you by the insurance company with have a statement that releases the negligent driver from all liability for your injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered from an injury as the result of a negligent driver, call Indiana accident attorney Marc Sedwick before you accept that quick settlement check.

Should you decide to retain our services after the initial consultation, we will work on a contingent fee basis. This means that our offices will only be paid for our services once we make a recovery on your behalf from the insurance company.