How Much Is My Indiana Car Accident Case Worth?

In Indiana, licensed attorneys are barred from making any promises or guarantees to obtain specific amount of money for your car accident case. The real value of your car accident claim is what a jury would likely believe the case to be worth. A jury will consider the severity of the injuries, the impact or effect the accident has had on your life, and the negligence of the at fault party. In Indiana, if you were found o be partially responsible for the accident, the amount of damages you will receive will be proportionately reduced.

Settlement offers are likely to be reduced if the case looks to be unsuccessful at trial or if there are pre existing injuries. The value of your clam will greatly increase should your injuries require extensive medical treatment, result in permanent injuries or if you have missed many work days. The value of your claim also increases if you were a healthy and productive worker before the accident occurred. An important factor in valuing your case is comparing the difference between the quality of life you enjoyed prior to the accident and after the accident.

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